Character Creation

At the time of the event, you are all at the Forest Hills country club. This is a real place with a golf course, a pool, and tennis courts. You may be members, staff, guests, or perhaps something else entirely, if you’ve got a reason to be there.

Family and friends are important; you probably have some, and you should know where they are and what they’re likely to do in the situation.

You have 30 points to spend. Power Level is 3, all caps apply.

Mutants and Masterminds is kind of an odd system to build an unpowered human in, but try to make a good skeleton for your future growth to build on. You’ve got ability scores, saves, attack, defense, skills, and maybe some equipment. Ability scores should be average-ish, but give a basic idea of strengths and weaknesses. Attack and defense should reflect training only, and you probably don’t have any, so don’t be shy to let those be +0 for now. Skills are a good place to spend points right now, just keep in mind the scale. You should probably have at least 3 ranks in your job, and only the maximum ranks for power level (8 ranks) in something you are passionate enough about to be a major part of your character. Saves might have been developed by a sport or hobby, but it’s also fine to have no bonus to saves for now.

Formatting Notes

Obsidian Portal uses Textile formatting. A quick reference is in the top right corner of the editor page, and a full reference is available here. In my experience, good formatting involves liberal use of tables (using pipes | ).

This may not be tremendously applicable now, but the more cross-referencing we can do with everything we write, the better. This site has very convenient wiki support, so I’d like to use it.

Johnny X. Ample is an example of a wiki-style link, a 30 point character, and an okay example of formatting. As an NPC, anyone can edit it, so hit edit to see the textile code that produces that output. It’s a good place to start, but if you come up with something nicer, do your own thing.

Character Creation

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