Manuel Thomas-Guerrera

sassy black gay, doesn't take crap from anyone


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Defense: 14 (11) Base(10) + Defense(2) + Dodge Focus(2) 11 when denied dodge
Toughness: +4 Con(1) + Force Field(3) +1 without force field
Fortitude: +3 Con(1) + Points(1) + Powers(1)
Reflex: +4 Dex(2) + Powers(2)
Will: +2 Wis(0) + Points(1) + Powers(1)

Attacks and Abilities

Name Range Attack Bonus Save Effect
Drain: Touch +4 Fort DC 15 You may drain any one save or ability score by one power point per point the target misses the save.
Fatigue: Touch +4 Tough DC 19, Fort DC 13 The target is damaged by the toughness save. If the target fails the Fort save, they are fatigued: -2 to Str and Dex, -1 to attack and defense, may not move all out. If the target fails the Fort save by 5 or more, they are exhausted: -6 to Str and Dex, -3 to attack and defense, may not double move. If the target fails by 10 or more, they are unconscious.
Paralyze: Touch +4 Will DC 15 If the target fails the save, they are slowed: -1 to attack, defense, and reflex, moves and half speed, and may only take one action per round. If the target fails by 5 or more, they are paralyzed: helpless and unable to move or take actions. The target gets a new save every round to remove the effect with a cumulative +1 per round bonus.
Regeneration: Personal - - Manuel gets a free recovery check once per round to recover from bruises. He may also take a full round action to make a recovery check to recover from injuries.
Create Object: 500 ft - - Manuel can create objects of pure energy in size up to 625 cubic feet with Toughness 5.
Force Field: Personal - - +3 to Toughness, duration Sustained. If Manuel is incapable of taking a free action, (for example, if he is stunned) he must make a Power Use check DC 13.

Stat Level Modifier Cost
Charisma 16 +3 6
Dexterity 14 +2 4
Constitution 12 +1 2
Strength 12 +1 2
Wisdom 10 +0 0
Intelligence 10 +0 0
Total Points: 14

Saves Ability Modifier Cost
Fortitude +2 1
Will +2 1
Total Points: 2

Skill Cost Take Modified Score
Sense Motive 2 10 +9
Diplomacy 1 10 +7
Intimidate 1 10 +7
Profession 1 20 +5
Sleight of Hand 1 10 +6
Investigate [.5] 10 +2
Notice [.5] 20 +3
Gather Info [.5] 10 +5
Search [.5] 20 +3
Total Points: 8

Feat Notes Cost
Beginner’s Luck gain 5 temporary ranks in a skill 1
Ambidexterity removes off-hand penalty 1
Attractive +4 on Bluff Diplomacy if affected by looks 1
Fascinate holds subject’s attention w/ Diplomacy 1
Full-Size Car ST:35; Speed: 5; Defense: 8; Toughness: 9 8
Cell Phone battery lasts 24 hrs 1
Total Points: 6

Drain 5: Saves and Ability Scores. PF: Accurate 2, AP Fatigue Strike, AP Paralyze
_ Strike 4 Linked Fatigue 3_
_ Paralyze 5_
Regeneration 7: Bruised free/round, Injured full round action
Create Object 5
Force Field 4
Enhanced Fortitude 1
Enhanced Reflexes 2
Enhanced Will 1
Enhanced Defense 2
Enhanced Dodge Focus 2


Manuel is, as I said before, based on Lafayette from “True Blood” – a sassy black gay who always looks fabulous. He has worked at the Forest Hills Country Club in Rockford, IL for about a year. In addition, he bartends at two other bars, and sells illegal wares to supplement his income. He is currently single, drinks quite a bit, and has a fair amount of anonymous sex. He hates peaches and rude people. He loved hard-bodied men, musicals, Lady Gaga, and black and white movies, and will beat up anyone who makes fun of him for it.

Manuel Thomas-Guerrera

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