Dr. Harold McKrie


Dr. Harold McKrie, MD
State Senator, Democrat, District 28

Str 10
Dex 8
Con 10
Int 14
Wis 12
Cha 18

Attack +0
Defense +4 (4 Enhanced, 2 dodge)
Fort +1 (1 Enhanced)
Ref +0 (1 Enhanced)
Will +2 (1 Enhanced)
Toughness +3 (3 Enhanced Defensive Roll)
Initiative -1

Cosmic Form: Liquid [Container 5, Flawed: Tainted]
When activating this form, make a DC 10 Will save to avoid accumulating a taint point.
When attempting to deactivate this form, take a move action to make a DC 15+Taint Power Use check. On failure, remain in this form.
Insubstantial 1
Boost 10: Any mental trait – Flawed: Personal
Emotion Control 5: Area Burst (25 ft. radius), Reaction, Limited(calm), Limited(minor), Sense-Dependent(auditory), Uncontrolled
Anyone within 25 feet makes a Will save DC 15 to avoid being calmed. Upon entering, a DC 15 Reflex save can avoid the need to make a Will save. Affected targets get another save in a round, and then again in a minute, following the Time Table. Unaffected targets continue to make saves according to the Time Table if they remain in the area.

Mental Blast 2: Alternate Power: Emotion Control Fear 4
Super Sense: Accurate Mental Sense

Bluff +10 (6)
Gather Info +6 (2)
Intimidate +8 (4)
Know (Current Events) +5 (3)
Know (Business) +3 (1)
Medicine +6 (4)
Profession (Doctor) +3 (2)
Swim +2 (2)

Benefit (Politician)
Ultimate Effort (Bluff)
Cell Phone
Sports Car (Corvette)

Harold is a doctor who left the medical profession for politics. He’s a state senator
who represents a cluster of suburbs outside Chicago. Borderline corrupt, he’s closely
tied to medical and pharmaceutical lobbies, who backed his challenge to the district’s former representative after he blocked legislation to authorize an eminent
domain seizure to build a research park. He’s a moderate who’s less interested in
policy than in getting influence and kickbacks from his profession. He was never an excellent doctor anyway—he could lie and bully his way through administrators with ease, but the tactic was less effective with patients.

Sidekick: Kelly Johnson (20 pts)
Abilities: Str 10, Dex 14, Con 12, Int 12, Wis 10, Cha 12
Combat: Attack +0 Defense +1, Fort +1, Ref +2, Toughness +2, Will +0
Skills: Diplomacy +3 (2), Computers +3 (3), Investigate +4 (4), Know (Civics) +3 (3),
Stealth +6 (4)
Feats: Attack Specialization (Grappling), Grappling Finesse, Equipment
Equipment: Smartphone, Laptop

Kelly Johnson is Dr. McKrie’s staffer. She formerly worked as a corporate investigator for a local branch of a pharmaceutical company, but lost her job when rival companies learned the details of her work. One of Harold’s contacts pointed him in her direction, suggesting that her background in corporate espionage would be useful in keeping tabs on trends in the statehouse. She’s worked for him for two years and has proved useful for making friends and staying ahead of rivals.


Dr. Harold McKrie

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