Janet Mills

Abilities: 11
Str 10 0
Dex 12 1
Con 10 0
Int 16 3
Wis 11 0
Cha 12 1
Combat: 0
Attack 0
Defense 0
Initiative 1
Saves: 4
Toughness 1 1
Fortitude 1 1
Reflex 0 1
Will 2 2
Skills: 12
Bluff 2 5
Computers 2 7
Concentration 2 2
Craft(chem) 8 11
Diplomacy 4 5
Drive 2 3
Intimidate 2 3
Gather Info 2 5
Know(Phys sci) 8 11
Know(Tech) 4 7
Medicine 2 2
Notice 4 4
Prof(hostess) 4 4
Sense Mot 2 4
Feats: 3
Equipment 2 Compact car 9ep
Str 30 Speed 5 Def 9 Tough 8 Size L
Cell phone (1ep)

Powers: 45
Power Control 4: DC 14 Will save. PF: Subtle, AP
AP: Stun 3: Ranged
Transform 3: Touch range, 5 lbs per std action of organic matter to other organic matter.
Teleport 3 linked Boost 4: Teleport is castling short range only (300 ft), Boost is others only, affects Attack.
Enhanced Dodge Focus 3
Enhanced Toughness 6
Enhanced Fortitude 2
Enhanced Reflex 2
Enhanced Will 2


Janet Mills
Age 24
Gender Female
Occupation: restaurant hostess and night cashier at 7-11

Janet was a first generation college student at University of Illinois – Chapmpaign-Urbana majoring in biochemisty, working through the weekends, and maintaining a stunning 3.8 GPA. It would have been a 4.0 but those damn liberal arts credits tripped her up. Although she’d grown up dirt broke in a trailer park on the outskirts of Rockford, a perfect high school academic record had won her valedictorian status and a full ride scholarship to U of I. Janet still worked nearly 30 hours a week in addition to a full academic load in order to afford rent and food.

Fast forward to January 7, 2008 when Janet is one semester away from graduation and has several potential employers clamoring for her attention. A freak tornado struck Rockford in the middle of winter, hitting the trailer park where Janet’s parents still lived with her grandmother. Janet rushed home but her parents were pronounced dead on the scene. Her grandmother had suffered a crushing injury when the trailer had overturned, paralyzing her from mid-abdomen down. With no other close family and no expertise caring for someone so dependent, Janet was advised that her grandmother would need to be placed in a skilled nursing facility. Her parents hadn’t had any money to leave behind, so Janet was forced to come up with the funding herself. She dropped out of school and moved back to Rockford. She got several part time jobs and did her best to forget about college.

Now she works full time as a hostess at the country club’s restaurant and part time as a night cashier at the local 7-11. She finds the patrons of the club pretentious and knows she is smarter than the vast majority of them. She lives in a small shitty apartment, visits her grandmother daily, and imagines that in 5 years or so when the old woman kicks the bucket she might finally be able to finish college and avoid growing up and dying the same way her parents did: poor.

Janet Mills

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